Michael Gordon
Van Gogh


Delirious. Manic. Damned. This double-bill featured a boastful murderer and a self-condemned artist. Michael Gordon, Bang on a Can co-founder, dives into the restless soul of the brilliant painter Van Gogh, revealing his world through the raw emotions of his personal letters. Stewart Copeland, drummer/founder of the rock band The Police, elevates Poe's story of a meticulous murderer betrayed by his own paranoia. Both operas feature music at the edge of rock, jazz, and modernism.


Long Beach Opera  2013 

Conductor: Ben Makino
Stage Director/Production Design: Andreas Mitisek
Video Designer: Adam Flemming

Soprano: Ashley Knight
Tenor: John Matthew Myers
Baritone: Jason Switzer
Actor: Mark Bringelson


Long Beach Opera 2013

Van Gogh
Van Gogh
Van Gogh
Van Gogh
Van Gogh

Photographer: Keith Ian Polakoff